How do I enter?

Your first step is to fill out the online application form under the heading ‘Apply Now’ and pay the entry fee.

Can I Go Straight to Internationals?

Absolutely! If there is not a current state titleholder in your division, the state is available for ‘at-large’ entry. At-Large Entry is first come first titled, so don’t delay if you want your state title! Contact us now to find out if your state title is available

When do I enter?

States: We accept entries up to 30 days prior.

Internationals: We accept entries until April 15th.

What is the prize package?

Prize package is listed here.

I held a state title for Midwest Beauty previously, can I compete again?

Former state WINNERS may not compete again in the same state or division that they previously held the title for, but they may compete for the International pageant with a regional title on the discretion of the director or qualify for a different state if they meet the residency requirements for that state. If you were a former titleholder talk to your director about competing.

What is the residency requirement for a state title?

You must meet one of the following criteria to qualify to represent a state at internationals;

  • current or prior residency in the state
  • current or prior employment in the state
  • current or prior student status in the state
  • current or prior property ownership in the state
  • born in the state

May I seek a sponsor?

You may seek sponsors or you may pay the entry fee yourself.

What happens if My Category or the State Pageant is cancelled?

If the local pageant or your specific category is cancelled you will receive a refund or offered the opportunity to represent your state at Internationals as an at-large delegate and in that situation only, your entry fees will be rolled over to Internationals. This will be offered in order by the date in which the applications are received.

If I hold an Midwest Beauty title, can I compete in other systems?

Yes, in fact, we encourage it! The only requirement of the State winners is that they compete in Internationals and we ask that they come back and crown their successor. If you are awarded a state title you are obligated to compete at internationals, if you are not able to compete at internationals you will not receive your crown, sash and title. If you win internationals, as the international titleholder you are bound by a required set number of appearances in your Official crown and sash during your year of your reign, make sure any other systems you compete in are aware of your obligations before competing with them to avoid issues further on.