Company Profile.

Harrison Productions, L.L.C., an event production company has been organizing beauty pageants since 2000. They have held licenses for the Miss Universe Organization, Mrs. United States, Inc., Galaxy International, Miss Supranational and most recently holds the U.S.A. franchise for Miss International ( as well as creating and building the American Beauty Pageant System. The most current venture is North America Beauty Pageant, growing this system into one that rivals the long standing systems. We decided to change the American Beauty name to the North America Beauty Pageant System, giving the system it’s own identity. 


Harrison Productions, L.L.C. created North America Pageant System to provide delegates an opportunity to compete in a pageant system that was free of all requirements and long standing contracts. The intent is to provide a quality theater stage show, while still keeping costs within an affordable range and providing a CASH prize package that so many pageant systems lack. We believe that contestants should be allowed to compete in other systems, if they so choose to, or free to maintain the title as their primary title. We only ask that our Queens come back to crown their successors. 


Emphasizing beauty, style, and cultural appreciation, the North America Pageant is a personal development opportunity for girls, of North America. The delegates who become part of the North America Beauty Pageant gain confidence and poise in an increasingly competitive world. The pageant affords each delegate the opportunity to grow and advance her personal goals while acting as a role model in her community. 


We have a system in place for a step prize package. There is a step prize package which is published on the website. The prize package is a CASH prize package. It begins at a $250.00 award and continues up to $5,000.00.